Top 4 Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Having trouble performing in bed lately? Feeling like it’s all your fault? Afraid the woman – or women – in your life will lose their patience with you?

Well, you shouldn’t blame yourself or feel guilty – it’s a natural, albeit unfortunate, health issue. And you’re not alone in this – back in 2007, over 18 million men in the US were struggling with this condition. Most of those who were affected were over 20 years old, but erectile dysfunction was more prevalent in 40 to 70-year-olds.

Unfortunately, the numbers haven’t improved since then – it’s actually gotten worse, especially with our stress-filled lives. However, you shouldn’t feel defeated – there are solutions you can turn to!

So, without further ado, here are some excellent tips on how to have a longer stamina in bed:

1. Focus More on Foreplay

We know what you might be thinking: “But I already engage in foreplay!”

No, we don’t mean just dedicating 2-3 minutes to it. Why not take your time and really enjoy it? It can help you gain better control over your whole body – both physically and mentally. Moreover, the sex will be amazing if you build up to it

Plus, foreplay is actually one of the most enjoyable things about sex – as long as you do it right! So take your time, explore each other’s bodies, and go with the flow.

2. Rub One out 1-2 Hours before Getting Intimate

This is the oldest trick in the book, frankly. Masturbating on a regular is quite healthy – especially for your prostate – and it can enhance your sex life too.

How? By helping you build more stamina to last longer in bed, of course.

This is rather common knowledge, though, but here’s something you probably didn’t think of – you can involve your partner in it too. Make it mutual or just do it over the phone. Whatever you choose, you’ll find it’s quite a sensual experience.

3. Switch Positions Often

Whenever you feel like you’re nearing climax, you should switch positions. It’s fun, exciting, and adds a little extra spice in your sex life.

That; and your partner will love that you seem more adventurous. Here’s an idea – pick positions that give your partner more control, so that she can use a slow, measured technique to keep you from climaxing too soon.what-male-enhancement-works-bestdrugstore-us

However, if you still don’t think all these tips will help you out, you can always rely on natural pills to last longer in bed.

4. Red Rhino – The Best Rated Male Enhancement Pills

All those pieces of advice sound nice, but let’s face it: You want clear, immediate results – you want to feel a rush of confidence overtake you, feel in charge and dominant.

Well, no tips on how to last longer in bed will offer you what you want. But Red Rhino – all natural male enhancement products – will offer you everything you want on a silver platter.

It contains 18 potent natural ingredients that will expand the blood vessels in your penis – basically, you’ll have a rock-hard erection and last longer in bed!

That’s not all, though. Red Rhino may also:

  1. Make you experience more intense orgasms
  2. Boost your self-confidence in the bedroom
  3. Help you experience sex like never before
  4. Enlarge your penis over time

These are not just pills that make you last longer in bed – oh no.
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Red Rhino will turn you into a real sex machine and leave the woman or women in your life speechless at your sexual prowess.

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